Friday, October 21, 2016

charcoal pumpkin artist statement

My goals and intentions in this artwork was to draw the light how I saw it. I accomplished them by using my eraser to bring out the white. What surprised me the most about my experience was how much better my picture looked with a black background rather than grey. My drawing is about how the pumpkin fades into the dark. The most difficult challenge I had to face was erasing to get the light because it was hard to keep everything smooth and blended. How I faced that challenge was by erasing and blending over and over until I got it right. I experienced the shift to my right brain when i covered my background with black and made the pumpkin come out of that rather than drawing the pumpkin on a grey background. My drawing works in the stem. What I have learned that I can bring to my next drawing is started with a pitch black background. Another artist in the class that I learned something from was Lauren, I liked her setup and drawing in general. If I had a do-over, I would've picked another setup and drew at a different angle and more up close. What I feel is the best about my work is the stem.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

jpg. challenge #4

In this challenge we had to post pictures of what we are obsessed with
as much of a pain my cat is i love him <3
i enjoy rainy days (and taking pictures of it)
sunsets are nice (and this has no filter wow!!1!)
music is my #1 obsession
wait, tea might be (I blame my grandmother for this). I have a tiny collection of teapots and I'm tea-snob oops
10/10 recommend. I'd eat this all the time but its like $5 and I don't have that.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ed Ruscha paper word drawing

My goals for this artwork was to make every letter look smooth and blended. I accomplished those goals by blending as much as I could. What surprised me the most while dong this piece was how hard it is to make each letter look like the actual paper structure. My drawing is about light to dark shadows, as I saw it. I tried to copy exactly how to shadows appeared to me. The most difficult thing I had to face was the lighting. Each day my lighting was a bit off from the day before, so that made me work harder and stay focused on my drawing. I experienced the shift to right brain artistic thinking when I got to position my letters how I wanted to in the beginning. My drawing really works where the light hits the paper letter. What I have learned that I can bring to my next drawing is that it is important to stay consistent with the lighting and shading. In my class, I learned from Ivy that if you really take the time to create the shading just right, you can make the drawing look so real. If I had a do-over, I would of took the time to reset my letters because my word was suppose to be 'breathe' but I couldn't fit the 'e' while taping my letters down, so I went with the word 'breath' instead. What I feel is best about my work is the shading in the letter 't' and 'h'. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

jpg. challenge #3

In this challenge we have to post pictures of our family.

this is my mom's side of the family when we all went on vacation together 4 years ago
these are my cousins on my mom's side (this picture is outdated because there are now 4 more of them oh gosh)
this is from the summer of 2015 when my dad's side of the family went on a cruise together (my face is blacked out because I was looking real rough that day)

these are my parents, they (my mom) will probably hate me for posting this sorry
update: she saw this and yelled at me for not finding a better picture.

the sister
this is my great grandmother who is no longer here but I am thankful to have known her and still have memories of her

this is my best friend Shannon, idk why you're friends with me but thanks

lastly, my cat